We love tiramisu! An Italian classic, the perfect dessert, combining coffee, liqueur, cream and chocolate. As part of #thehomeartisantakeover, Sam Nixon (@samnixon18) has shared his super simple tiramisu recipe, which tastes unbelievable.

Check out the recipe below, or have Sam talk you through the recipe on his Instagram highlights.

Sam Nixon’s Tiramisu


250g mascarpone cream
300ml double cream
1 tsp vanilla paste
4 dessert spoons of caster sugar
Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur (optional)
300g store-bought madeira cake
3x double shots of espresso (120ml)
70% dark chocolate
Cocoa for dusting


1. Brew 3 double shots of espresso (about 120ml) and leave to cool.

2.  Whisk mascarpone, double cream, vanilla paste, caster sugar and Bailey’s together until thick.

3. Cut the madeira cake into 1cm slices.

4. Soak the madeira cake slices in the espresso for about five seconds, ensuring the madeira cake is soaked, and then place along the base layer of your tiramisu dish.

5. Add a layer of the whipped cream mixture from step 2 on top of the soaked madeira cake.

6. Grate a thin layer of dark chocolate over the top of the cream.

7. Add another layer of soaked madeira cake.

8. Add the rest of the whipped cream mixture on top.

9. Grate dark chocolate over the whipped cream mixture.

10. Leave the tiramisu to sit in the refrigerator to set for about 2-3 hours before serving.

11. Dust with cocoa just before serving.

Enjoy! Tag @lamarzoccouk on Instagram to show us your Tiramisu creations.